Dropsync is a tool to synchronize local folder with the dropbox folder. It detects any changes on a folder and will synchronize them. This app can help Mobilebiz Co handle the synchronization of signatures on Mobilebiz Co app. Signatures are not being shared and transmitted to the cloud.  If you are using 2 or more [...]

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    Barcode Scanner

    Barcode Scanner is use to assist users in retrieving items information. This very useful when you have hundreds of item to search to. This is also very useful in creating invoices. How to install barcode scanner:   Linking barcode to items: Using barcode to scan for item on invoice: 2,950 total views, 2 views today

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    How to use MobileBiz Co on a PC

    The app does not have a desktop version yet. Other users rely on Android app players to run MobileBiz Co on a computer. One example is Bluestacks.com, it emulates an Android device and can run Android applications on your desktop. Download and install bluestacks on your desktop Then install MobileBiz Co on bluestacks   9,894 total views, [...]

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    Google Drive

    Google Drive can be integrated with the app.  This is use to save backup or export csv files.  It is assumed that user has a gmail account. To setup the google drive: Go to Home > Settings > App Settings > Google. Tap on the “Link with Google” button  and choose your gmail account. It [...]

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    Dropbox can be integrated with the app.  it is use to save backup files. The assumption is that you already have a dropbox account. To setup the dropbox: Go to Home > Settings > Dropbox > Link with Dropbox It will then ask permission from the user to allow access to Dropbox.  Tap on “Allow” [...]

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