First steps

    After signing up for a Free account, here are the steps you need to do. (1) Get your Android device > open MobileBiz Co > enter login account/credentials > Sign In (2) Enter basic information about your company. You can change these later on in the Settings screen. (3) Then setup Curreny and locale settings [...]

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    Creating your first invoice

    After the initial setup of your company, you can start trying out different transaction like invoices or cash sales.  Use the sample items and customers provided by the app. Go to Home > “New” (+) > New invoice. Tap on “Select existing..” > Choose a Customer (ex. Anonymous) > Save.  Tap on “Add Item” > [...]

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    Adding new customers

    1) Go to Home > “Customers” icon. 2) Then tap on the “+” sign on the upper right of the screen. 3)  Enter your customers details . “Link to phone contact” – click this to get phone contact as your customer “Is Public”  – use to allow access of customer information to other “sales role” [...]

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    Adding new items

    Adding and modifying of items can only be done by Admin.  User under the sales role can only view item information. To add new items, do the ff: 1. Go to Mobilebiz-co app > Home > Items > “+” sign  (upper right of the screen); 2.  Enter your item details . Types  : Non-inventory item [...]

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    Adding your company logo

    You may add your own company logo to PDF printouts. First off, prepare your company logo if you don’t have one yet. JPG photo will do save it with a file name without any spaces (for example, rename “my photo.jpg” to “myphoto.jpg) put this photo on your Android device sdcard Then proceed to use this [...]

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