Logging out

    To log out on android app: Go to Homepage  > Settings > Logout.  It will prompt you a logout  confirmation. You can choose to sync first and logout, or just logout. If you chose not to synch and if another user logs in to your device, your changes will be gone when you use the [...]

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    Login to different role

    Assuming that your company name is AAA.  And the user is assigned to all 3 pre-defined roles (Super Admin, Admin, Sales) Go to Home and click on the “Menu List icon” on the upper right. A menu will display from the left of the screen, Click on the role above the Logout.         [...]

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    Reset device data

    Reset device data is used to copy the cloud data to your device.  This is used to clean up your local drive and have a fresh copy. Steps to reset your device data : Go to Homepage >Menu > CLOUD ACCOUNT > Reset DEVICE data. Tap on “Reset device data” button, and accept the confirmation. [...]

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    Resetting cloud data

    Resetting cloud data is used to overwrite the cloud data with your local database.  This is often used when restoring your backup data  to the cloud.  This can only be executed by admin users.  Steps to reset cloud data: Go to Homepage > Menu > CLOUD ACCOUNT > Reset CLOUD data. Tap on the “Upload [...]

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    Add new users

    The app allows multiple users to access and be part of your business.  To manage the users of your company,  you will need to do the ff: 1) Access your mobilebiz-co app. 2) Go to HomePage > Menu > Manage Users.  This will open the mobilebiz-co login page on the browser. 3) Enter you login details [...]

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