How to handle “No such company” error

     Uninstall the MobileBiz Co from your device. (Go to Settings > Application > MobileBiz Co > Uninstall)  Then go to playstore and search and install MobileBiz Co. After installation enter your account details. Check previous email as the details are sent after user registration and email validation. Ex: Account : 1000 Username: Password: xxxxxx [...]

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    Cannot generate pdf invoice (PDF service not available)

    The PDF generation connects to the internet to process and create the pdf. There are instances where pdf service is either busy or down. Which causes the error “PDF service not available”. Anyway, try to wait for few mins and run the pdf printout again. If problem persist, try the ff: Restart your device, then [...]

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    Synch issues on multiple devices

    There are cases where transactions created from one device are not reflecting on other devices.  And sometimes transaction details on one device are missing on other devices.  If you are encountering any inconsistent behavior when using transactions, it is most likely cause by the inconsistent timing on your devices.  Since the app now handles multiple [...]

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    No company logo on “print as html”.

    Company logos are use to display the company image on invoices. These are displayed when running “print as pdf” and “print as html”.  When company logo is created, it saves the image to the Android device local sdcard.  So when viewing the print as html on other device, logo will not be displayed. In order [...]

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    Activation email not received.

    After user registration, the application will send a verification code to activate your account. In the event that you did not receive any activation email: Wait for 5 – 10 minutes and recheck your inbox. Check your junk or spam folder. Resend activation – go to  and enter your email address If you still are [...]

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    Incorrect “available quantity” on item inventory

    In cases where available quantity is not correct, you can: Try to sync first to get fresh copy of inventory quantities Then manually adjust the inventory if you want to adjust the counts (open the Item record> tap on the Pencil icon > Adjust inventory). 1,426 total views, 2 views today

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    Assigned to “Company 0″

    There are instances where you are assigned to “Company 0″.  This is a known issue and happens when company roles are being modified. If you encounter the “Company 0″ issue, you just need to log out and log in again.  Or just change to a different role. (Please see “login to different role” article for [...]

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    Signature not appearing on other devices

    Signature Image sign by the customers are not included when syncing multiple device.  So when user tried to print an invoice on other devices, it does not show the signature.   To fix this problem you can copy the mobilebiz-co  folder from the 1st device where the original signature was taken. to the 2nd device. [...]

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    Application Crashes

    Here are some of the things you need to try or check first if application crashes. Restart your device. Validate the device time with the local time, make sure the Date and Time are correctly configured. Reset your data, go to Homepage > Settings > Reset DEVICE data. Re-install the application. If problem still persist, [...]

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