The application allows users to import csv data for customers and items records.

  1. Home > Settings > Manage Data > Import CSV
  2. Choose the Record to Import (ex. Import Customers).
  3. Choose the source location of the csv file. Tap on CSV > Choose location (ex. Sdcard) > Choose a file.
  4. Choose Data Handling
    • Add or Update – This will add and update the record.  If the Id column key matches a record, it will update the record, if the column key does not match, it will add the record.
    • Add  – All entries will be added, regardless if there’s a duplicate name.
    • Update – Will update records that matches the Id Column Key.  (If Id column key does not match, it will disregard the entry).
  5. Tap “ID Column”  to identify the link between the record and the csv columns
    • This entry will only be available for “Add or Update” and “Update” as the Data Handler.
    • ex. ID column matches the ID field of the record.
  6. Tap on “Mapping” to map the fields – This is the mapping of the record fields with the csv column fields.